How To Make Sure Your Auto Accident Injury Case Is Taken Seriously

If you are involved in a car accident that caused a serious injury, you are likely going to seek compensation for all the medical bills you end up paying. However, the insurance provider of the responsible party is going to do whatever it takes to fight your claim. Here are some tips to make sure that your injury is taken seriously.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

One of the first things the insurance company is going to evaluate is how soon you seek out medical attention after the accident. If you waited several days to have your injuries checked out, this may give the impression that your injury is not that serious. In addition, a gap of time between the accident and your medical evaluation can raise suspicions of why there was a delay. A tactic that can be used is to claim that the injury happened elsewhere, and you are trying to blame the injury on the auto accident. 

Document Your Recovery

An auto accident injury can take months or years to recover from. It also can take months or years to finally reach a settlement in your case. By the time you go through mediation or a trial, you may not have that great of a memory about the exact things that happened many months ago. That's why you need to document your recovery by keeping a journal.

An injury journal doesn't have to be complicated, and it can be whatever you want that helps you remember. You can write a narrative about how you're feeling as you recover, rate your pain and discomfort on a scale, or even use a diagram to point out what parts of your body are experiencing pain. It's also important to track medications and dosages and how they change over time.

Visit The Doctor Regularly

Your doctor will likely want you to check in to see how your injury is recovering. It's important that you go to these appointments as instructed. Sometimes inaction can be used against you since not going to the doctor can be seen as an indication that you have recovered. If you do not need to visit the doctor, the insurance company will assume that you are no longer in any pain. Visit the doctor regularly until they clear you of your injury and say that you are healed. If not, then assumptions can be made about the progress of your injury. 

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