How Lawyers Fight Telemarketer Abuse

Telemarketer abuse has become a common aspect of modern American life. As with many widespread issues, though, a lot of Americans have decided to use the legal system to address the problem. If the possibility of suing a telemarketer sounds appealing to you, you may want to learn how a telemarketer harassment lawyer might approach your situation.

The Do-Not-Call List

An attorney's foremost tool is the Do-Not-Call List. This is a nationwide database of phone numbers. People enter their names to ensure telemarketers won't harass them.

Notably, the Do-Not-Call List has legal teeth. If a jury finds a telemarketer in violation of the rules for not calling someone on the list, the offender will face penalties that may range into thousands of dollars per offense. In other words, they will be penalized for each call.

However, you have to register your phone number on the Do-Not-Call List. If your number is not currently on the list, a telemarketer may assert the defense they did not know to quit calling you.

Documenting a Pattern of Harassment

If you believe a telemarketer engaged in a pattern of harassing behavior, you should document their conduct. Make a note each time you receive a call. If you answer the call, note who the caller claims to be and what their business is. Also, inform them you do not want to be harassed, your phone number is on the Do-Not-Call registry, and you want the caller to remove your number from their target list.

Also, you can use the Do-Not-Call List website to report harassing calls. Use your notes to provide the government with detailed information.

Class-Action Lawsuit

The class-action lawsuit is the standard legal tool for taking on telemarketer abuse. A class is a group of people with a common legal concern. In this case, the common concern is the ongoing conduct of a specific telemarketer.

A telemarketer harassment lawyer will usually use a class action lawsuit because it allows them to bring together hundreds or thousands of claimants. Consequently, the class brings significant legal weight to bear against the defendant. Ideally, the defendant will settle the case, pay damages to the claimants, and enter a legally binding promise to stop the behavior.

If the defendant does not settle, the lawyer can bring the case to trial and ask a jury to impose a judgment. As previously noted, a successful jury judgment could lead to an award of thousands of dollars worth of damages for each call.

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