Which Party Pays For Damages After A Ridesharing Accident?

The number of people who rely on ridesharing each day is amazing, and there is a considerable demand for rideshare drivers as a result. However, some drivers who are hired by ridesharing companies to provide these services through apps are not very reliable. As a result, car accidents occasionally occur due to the negligence of the ridesharing driver. If you are injured in this type of car accident, a rideshare accident lawyer may be able to help.

How to Know If You Were in a Rideshare Accident

Ridesharing apps allow customers to hire a motorist to come and pick them up. The driver then drives the customer to a location requested on the app and is then compensated for the ride. These drivers are independent contractors who own their vehicles and are responsible for maintaining them and insuring the car.

There are several parties that might carry auto insurance that could cover your accident. Some ridesharing companies offer insurance coverage to passengers injured in an accident. The driver might carry their own auto insurance that may cover you. Both the rideshare driver and the ridesharing company might carry insurance. Also, if another driver was involved in the accident, they might be held liable and may cover insurance.

The coverage you receive will partially be based on the current status of the trip. There are different policy limits depending on whether or not the driver was currently transporting you to your destination. For example, if you were injured while getting out of the vehicle and tripping and falling, your case might be handled differently.

What to Do After the Accident

After becoming injured, you will want to record all the details you can about the accident including:

  • Witnesses
  • Your injuries
  • The current condition of the road

Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Then, contact a rideshare accident lawyer.

The Benefits of Hiring a Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Many lawyers choose to specialize in providing legal representation to those who have been involved in car accidents and some lawyers choose to make rideshare accidents one of their specialties.

This type of lawyer will be able to untangle the complicated insurance rules that exist surrounding ridesharing accidents to make sure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. The attorney will also help you calculate the damages you have suffered so you can make sure that you receive full compensation for your injuries.

For more information on car accident law, contact a lawyer near you.

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