Should You Hire An Attorney When You Agree On Your Divorce Terms?

When you get a divorce, you may automatically assume you need an attorney. However, if you both agree on the terms of your divorce, you may think you do not need to hire an attorney. Not hiring an attorney may be a way to save money for both of you but failing to utilize legal help can end up costing one or both of you much more in the long run. Ending a marriage is a serious transaction that requires professional representation. The following are some things to consider if you think you may not need an attorney for your divorce even when you agree on the terms:

Why Do You Need Your Own Attorney?

One question you may have is why you need a divorce attorney when your spouse has an attorney who can take care of the paperwork. Two attorneys may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you are trying to start over with your finances. The problem is the fact you do not understand everything when it comes to the actual terms of your divorce. You may think you both are on the same page on your divorce terms, but you may not realize what your rights are or what you are entitled to if you do not have your own legal representation to guide you. Divorce is a complex legal process, and you do not have the necessary expertise to know where you stand. Just like you would go to a doctor for an injury, you should have an attorney to get a divorce.

Can You and Your Spouse Use the Same Attorney?

You may also wonder if you and your spouse can use the same attorney as an attempt to simplify the process, particularly when you are both agreeable to the terms. The answer is no, you cannot and should not use the same attorney for your divorce. In fact, using the same attorney for a divorce is not legal in many states. Divorce laws can be subject to interpretation and many attorneys will interpret situations differently. You need your own attorney to help interpret the divorce law based on your specific experiences in your marriage. You also need your own attorney to help you prepare yourself for life after the divorce. One attorney cannot do this fairly and without bias for two clients with opposing interests.

What Are Your Options?

No matter what, you need to hire your own attorney for your divorce. If you are concerned about the expense, you should search for an attorney who can work with you on the costs and fees. For more information about divorce, contact a family law attorney

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