Mistakes to Avoid if Your Long Term Disability Insurance Claim Is Denied

Many people carry long-term disability insurance policies as a form of protection against falling ill or being injured and being unable to work for an extended period of time. While some long-term disability insurance claims are approved without any issues, other people can run into problems when their claim is denied. Receiving a letter stating that your long-term disability insurance claim has been denied can be very frustrating. But how you react after receiving the denial letter can make a big difference. Avoid these mistakes if your long term disability insurance claim is denied:

1. Giving Up

Learning that your long-term disability insurance claim has been denied can be incredibly stressful, especially if your bills are piling up and you are physically unable to work and earn an income. However, the last thing you should do after receiving your denial letter is to give up and stop fighting for your settlement. When a long-term disability insurance claim is denied, you have a right to appeal the denial. While the appeal process may not be simple or easy, appealing a denial can result in the denial being overturned so you can receive the settlement that you're entitled to.

2. Failing to Stay Organized

After having your claim denied, failing to stay organized is a major error. You will need a lot of documentation to back up your claim when the insurance company has denied it. Make sure that you collect all written communication between you and the insurance company, as well as your medical records from the doctors who have been treating you. It is also in your best interest to contact the insurance company and request your administrative record-- this will include all of the information associated with your claim and the insurance company is required to give you a copy if you ask for one.

3. Not Hiring a Long Term Disability Attorney

It is never a good idea to try to fight a long-term disability insurance claim denial on your own. You will have a much harder time having the denial overturned if you do not have professional assistance. A long-term disability attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. An attorney will have an in-depth knowledge of the appeal process and he or she will work hard on your behalf throughout the appeal process to help ensure that you get paid. 

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