4 Ways a Correctional Legal Consultant Can Help Your Correctional Facility

Are you wondering how a corrections law consultant can benefit your facility in the coming months and years? Here are four things you can count on a quality consultant to do for you and your facility:

They Can Modernize Your Facility

One important thing a correctional legal consultant can do for your correctional facility is to help modernize it. For example, if surveillance cameras are not in place, they will work to create a system that captures every area of your facility. The cameras will help to remind correction officers of their accountability and remind inmates that their actions can be proven should they break a rule or misbehave in some way.

They can help you update your counseling options, scheduling requirements, mealtime practices, and inmate rules to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly and that you can maintain control of everything that goes on within the facility when it comes to processes and procedures.

They Can Prepare You for Legal Fights

If your facility is served with a legal complaint from an employee or inmate, there are steps you can take to minimize the chance that any judgments will be made against you. Your correctional legal consultant will work with you to fix any problems at your facility that led to the complaint so that you can more easily settle with the other party and stay outside of the court system. They can also make recommendations for changes that can be made to reduce the chance that you will face other legal problems again in the future.

They Can Help You Create an Effective QA System

Every correctional facility should have an effective quality assurance system in place. Otherwise, facility and administration weaknesses cannot be identified and worked on, and strengths cannot be identified and modeled after. A solid quality assurance system will help your facility maintain the rights of inmates and ensure that correctional officers are not taking advantage of their positions. Such a system will allow you to create a paper trail in case you need to investigate an incident that happens after the fact.

They Can Help You Meet Short Term Goals

You do not have to work with a correctional legal consultant long-term to benefit from their expertise. A consultant can help you meet a variety of short-term goals and leave you feeling empowered to manage the changes that were made to meet those goals as time goes on. Whether you want to improve your extracurricular programs, establish a new mealtime or sleeping routine, or train your correctional officers on an entirely new system, your consultant can help make it happen quickly.

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