Bodily Injury And Its Relation To Personal Injury

Bodily injury can come up a lot after you have been involved in an accident deemed legally as a personal injury. The level of compensation you can seek will have much to do with the different aspects of damage you incur due to the bodily injury that you sustained. Here is a look at some of the ways a bodily injury can relate to the compensation you can seek with a personal injury claim.

Direct Costs for Medical Care

The most common types of damages you can seek due to bodily injury are going to be directly related to the injury itself and the treatment you have needed. Medical care costs, the costs of your ambulance trip from a scene of an accident, costs for prescription medications, and any other form of treatment that racked up charges that you were responsible for can be included in your claim.

Indirect Costs Due to the Bodily Injury 

You can sustain a lot of indirect costs due to the fact that you have sustained a bodily injury. In addition to the costs you have to pay for medical treatment, medications, and physical therapy (as just a few examples), you may also incur costs that are not so direct. For instance, you may have to take off of work until you are healed and you may have lost your ability to perform certain types of work due to the injury. 

Future Expenses and Losses Resulting from Bodily Injury 

Bodily injury costs do not always stop just because you have filed a personal injury lawsuit. In fact, it is common for there to be an abundance of future costs to contend with long after your case has been settled. For example, you may have to seek medical treatment for the rest of your life or have ongoing physical therapy. These damages can be included in your personal injury claim. 

A Note About Pain and Suffering 

Even though pain and suffering can be complicated to prove or involve in a personal injury claim, this is a form of indirect damage that should be carefully assessed with the help of your lawyer. Pain and suffering are most logical as potential components of a claim if the injury was especially severe. For instance, if the injury has left you with some form of disfigurement like a huge scar across your face, pain and suffering may be easier to seek.

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