Record Expungement: Factors That Are Taken Into Consideration

If you are living through life with a criminal record, then there is a good chance that you have regret for your actions. If this is the case, you probably wish every day that you could find a time machine, go back into time, and avoid committing the crime to begin with. Maybe you were young with a lot going on in your life, no positive influences in your life, and just felt like you had no other option. Maybe you made one single poor decision that has wrecked your entire adulthood.

The good news is that you may have a solution that will allow you to lead a better life without your past criminal offense hanging over your head: record sealing and expungement. This particular process will essentially allow your criminal record to disappear, but there are certain factors that will be taken into consideration to determine whether you are a good candidate for expungement.

Age at the Time of Conviction

There is a greater chance of receiving expungement if you were a minor at the time that you were convicted of the crime. Of course, if you were an adult at the time of conviction, it does not mean that expungement is completely off of the table. However, you should be prepared for your case to be analyzed more thoroughly.

Type of Conviction

Depending on what state you reside in, criminal records can be expunged easier depending on the committed crime's severity. For instance, if you were convicted of drug possession or a DUI and it was your first offense, you may be eligible for expungement once you complete a court-ordered alcohol or drug treatment program. Misdemeanor charges are more likely to be expunged. However, if you have a sex offense or a felony charge on your criminal record, it will generally be more difficult to have the record expunged.

Current Criminal Record

When seeking expungement, your current criminal record will be examined. You are much more likely to have your record sealed and expunged if you only committed the one crime and have completed any requirements that the court ordered. The chances of expungement will drop if you have multiple convictions on your record.

If you are interested in having your criminal record sealed and expunged, reach out to a criminal lawyer in your local area. He or she will be able to answer any questions that you have and look at your case to determine whether you make a good candidate for record sealing and expungement.

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