3 Types of Contracts That a Corporate Lawyer Can Help You With

If you run a corporation or other large business, you will probably need to work with attorneys on a regular basis. For bigger businesses, it is typically ideal to work with corporate lawyers who have experience in helping with companies of a certain size. These attorneys can help you with lots of different things, including writing up or looking over contracts for you. A good corporate lawyer should be able to help you with all sorts of contracts, but if you are looking for a few examples, these are some of the types of contracts that your attorney might assist you with when it comes to running your business.

1. Employment Contracts

Drawing up employment contracts is a good way to protect both your business and the people who work for it. Employment contracts might include information about things like how much your employees will get paid and what their benefits will be. If you have certain requirements that you want your employees to abide by, such as a social media policy or if you want all of your employees to follow the terms of a confidentiality contract, then an attorney can help you with drawing up all of these documents. Your lawyer will help you ensure that all of the important bases are covered and that you abide by all employment laws that you are required to abide by.

2. Vendor or Supplier Contracts

When working with vendors or suppliers, it is smart to have a contract in place. Then, you can make sure that you and the vendor are both clear on what is expected from both sides, including things like how much the vendor will be paid and what type of timeline the vendor should stick to. Again, this is something that a corporate lawyer can help draft up so that both you and your vendors or suppliers are protected.

3. Real Estate Contracts

If you own a big business, then chances are good that you will perform some type of real estate transaction at some time or another. You might purchase a new commercial building for your business to operate out of, for example, or you might sell a property that your business does not use anymore. It is important to handle these transactions in the proper and legal way, which can be done with the help of a corporate lawyer.

As you can see, hiring a corporate lawyer is a good idea. In addition to helping with a number of other things, your corporate lawyer can also help with drawing up contracts, like in the examples above.

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