Attorney Case File Jackets: How To Pinch Pennies Until You Make It Big

Lawyers vie for the corner office and a full partnership. That is typically what they dream of when they dream. However, as a fresh upstart straight out of law school, you may be tight on cash for a while until you make it big. Pinching pennies is going to be the name of the game. That includes all of your office supplies and your office rent. One office supply in particular, case file jackets, are more important than the number of ballpoint pens you have or the web page you want to create. Unfortunately, you will be spending far too much on these jackets if you do not play it smart. Here is how you can pinch pennies on these important documents.

The "One Penny or Less" Attorneys Case File Jacket

There are legal form printing companies that charge a penny or less per pre-printed document. This is sound business sense for many reasons. First, If you can buy three hundred jackets of one particular type for $250 or less, that is much cheaper than the printer, toner cartridges, and two or three reams of copier paper it would cost you to print these documents yourself. Two, one box of three hundred jackets will easily get you through your first year in practice. If you practice more than one type of law, buy a box of jackets for each type of law you practice. Then you are ready to receive clients for all kinds of cases, and the boxes of jackets you order will keep you in business for over a year or two (unless business really picks up). Finally, three, you have already made back that penny (or less) per jacket just by sitting down with a client to prepare a form. 

Super-Generic File Jackets

If you really want to pinch pennies, skip ordering branch of law-specific jackets and just order super-generic file jackets. These jackets are very plain, printed on white paper, with only the most basic of pertinent labeling on them. They have lots of lined space and are ready to use regardless of what kind of case or branch of law you practice. Buy more than two boxes in bulk and you are good to go for the first three to five years as a lawyer. Additionally, the super-generic, non-color coded jackets are even cheaper than the colored and more specifically-labeled jackets you can buy. 

Reach out to a place like American Legal Forms for more info and direction. 

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