Three Steps To Getting Pregnancy Related Disability Payments

Getting pregnant is a joyous occasion for most men and women. For women who are pregnant, carrying a child will lead to a number of body changes. Most of these will be mild or fleeting symptoms, although some can persist. If the bad symptoms persists, you may have to stop working for a time until things get better. For some issues, your doctor may order you to be on bedrest or require you to stop working. If this happens, you may need to go on disability. If you plan to file a disability insurance claim that is pregnancy related, you will need to have proof. Here are some ways to provide proper paperwork for a pregnancy-related disability. 

Get a detailed doctors note

A doctors note to your company may not specify exactly what is going wrong that requires you to be on bed rest. If you need to apply for a disability insurance claim, you will need a more detailed doctors note than the one for your job. The doctor will have to write out a medical report of the issues that the pregnancy is causing or the possible harm that could come to you and your baby with any strain. Be sure that your doctor details the precise medical issue and what actions you must be restricted from. 

Detail how long the issue should last

Most issues that crop up during pregnancy will stop once you have had the baby. Other issues can be medically cured after you are no longer pregnant, especially if you are in need of surgery. The disability insurance company will need to know how long you are likely to be on disability. If you know that the disability will end after pregnancy, asking for the number of months left in your pregnancy plus maternity leave is likely to result in approval. 

Reveal any other income

Disability claims often must take into account all of your income. This means that you must reveal any extra income that you have coming in. This can include social security payments, income from dividends, and child support payments. This will help the disability insurance company to determine the amount of income that you are missing each month. The company can then determine how much income you will need from disability to make up the shortfall in your budget. Be sure to provide all income and your bank account information as ordered to keep the process expedient. 

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