With A Short Time Between Bail And Trial, Are Bail Bonds Worth It?

When you are arrested, you are immediately processed into the system to await your court date. If you are granted the option of a bail, you can pay it and wait at home for a trial date. Not everyone can afford to pay their bail, which means they could have to wait in jail for months on end.

In this case, a bail bond agency may pay your bail, arrange your release, and ensure that you show up for your court date. In exchange, a bondsman may expect you to use your home or other assets as collateral. Eventually, you'll have to pay back your bond in full plus 10%.

Since your bondsman is responsible for your appearance in court, if you fail to meet your summons they can legally hire a bounty hunter to find you and return you to jail for failing to appear before the court. If you are unable to pay back your bond, the bondsman can sue you and repossess your assets. On the other hand, your bondsman has financial interest in your case. That means they want you to meet your court date, avoid prison, and repay them in full, so they'll probably be able to offer you some much needed advice for navigating the legal system.

Are bail bonds worth it? After spending 5 minutes in jail you'll know that they are. You may think that you only have a short time until trial, but in the bureaucratic justice system, there are constant delays. Additionally, if you want to avoid prison time, being able to meet with your lawyer and prepare your case from the comfort of your home greatly increases your chances of success.   

What may seem like a short amount of time out here feels completely different in jail. Not only are the food and general living conditions terrible, but jail can be a dangerous place and there's no knowing what the psychological toll of spending time behind bars might have on you. It could even physically or emotionally impact your ability to maintain a job later on.

Being in jail doesn't just have an impact on you, but on your loved ones as well. No one wants to visit their friend or father behind bars. If you have children it could cause them serious distress.

A criminal lawyer, such as from the Law Office Of  Lori Crystal, LLC, can simplify the process of getting bail; if you are working with a lawyer already, you might get a referral rate for your bail. Your lawyer will also work to speed the trial up so that you can quickly secure any assets you're putting down as collateral. 

Taking out a bail bond is never ideal, but getting loans rarely are. When you get a bail bond, you put a lot on the line, maybe even your home, but it's a small price to pay for your freedom. 

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