Five Good Reasons To Hire A Social Security Attorney

You may already know that getting approved for Social Security benefits can be a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process, but if you find yourself unable to work at your job, you may be forced to begin the application. These benefits are available for people who have paid into the system, but taking those benefits back from the system can be challenging unless you have some help and support. Read on to learn how getting professional legal help with your claim can greatly improve your chances of success on appeal.

1. You won't miss key deadlines. If you are turned down on your initial claim, you must file an appeal. Having a Social Security attorney to assist you in getting that paperwork ready will help ensure that you won't miss the relatively short 60 day deadline for filing. If you do end up missing that deadline, you will have to start the entire application process from the beginning, unless you can show that you had a very good reason for missing the deadline, such as a severe illness that required hospitalization.

2. You will ensure that you have the most important evidence of your condition on hand. Your medical records are the most important proof of your medical condition, so it's vital that these records are procured in a timely and accurate manner. Your attorney's legal team will be well-versed in taking care of this task.

3. Your appeal hearing will run smoother. Appeal hearings are your chance to provide the judge with a clear picture of the way that your medical condition has affected your ability to work at your job. Local judges have their quirks, and local courtrooms have their own procedures; your attorney will know exactly how to work with those customs to ensure that your appeal hearing is successful.

4. You will be ready to plead your case. It's vital that you appear calm and that you are able to adequately express yourself at the hearing. Your attorney will be by your side, but you will be the one being questioned. Count on your attorney to prepare you ahead of time by rehearing common questions and answers and by participating in a mock hearing. With practice, you will greatly enhance your chances by being relaxed and well-versed in your answers.

5. You will increase your chances of success just by having a lawyer present. Simply appearing at an appeal hearing with a lawyer by your side can give you a 63.6% chance of having your claim approved. Those who appear without legal assistance can anticipate an approval rate of only 40.1%.

Discuss your case with a Social Security attorney at a firm like Knollmeyer Law Office, and get the benefits that you are entitled to receive. 

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