How To Deal With A Car Accident Caused By Road Conditions

When you get into a vehicle accident that was not your fault, you typically have the option of getting your injuries and vehicle damage covered by the other driver. If their insurance doesn't pay or they don't have insurance, you have the option of suing them for damages. However, it can be more difficult when it wasn't a driver who caused the accident, but the road conditions. Here is more information about this type of personal injury case and what can be done about it.

What are some common road conditions that cause accidents?

You first need to determine if it was in fact the road conditions that led to the accident. This is important because you need to supply information to your insurance company and possibly a lawyer about the cause of the accident. You need to prove it was not due to your own driving negligence, but road conditions you had no control over.

Common road conditions that lead to accidents include missing road signs, damaged roads, and roads that are too slick from rain or ice. While weather conditions are also something the city government can't control, they can salt the roads to try to make them safe for drivers. Other road conditions that might have led to the accident include traffic signals that are not placed correctly, obstructions from nearby landscaping, or uneven shoulders on the highway.

Have you collected evidence of the incident?

Knowing these common signs of road conditions that cause accidents, you will be able to observe the area around where the accident took place and gather evidence. For example, you can write down how the way the road was grated caused you to swerve out of control, or take a picture of the damaged road signs that were difficult to see from a distance. If there are any witnesses nearby, also talk to them and see if they noticed the accident and how the road conditions were likely involved.

Do you know who is responsible for maintaining the road?

Once you have narrowed down exactly what caused the accident, you can start determining who is responsible for damages. This is often the person or agency that should be maintaining the roads, but isn't. It is this government agency's job to make sure drivers have safe road conditions, whether that means replacing broken street signs or fixing faulty side rails. A lawyer specializing in personal injury cases can also help you find out which agency is responsible for damages in your state.

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