Don't Make These 3 Mistakes When Applying For SSDI Benefits

When you have a disability and can no longer work, you need to find out how you will have the money to live your life and pay your bills. One thing that may be of assistance to you is social security disability insurance, usually referred to as SSDI benefits. However, you need to make sure that you do everything properly so that you can be approved for those benefits. If you don't want to be denied, avoid the following three mistakes.

Waiting too Long to Notify the SSA

A lot of people who have a disability wait 12 months until they apply for SSDI benefits. They do this because the Social Security Administration only offers benefits to those whose disabilities are expected to last a year or more.

However, if you expect your disability to last that long, you do not need to wait the full year to get the ball rolling. You should call or write the SSA and notify them that you plan to file an application for SSDI benefits. A letter is preferable, as it is easier to track. Contact with the SSA will give you a protective filing date, which may entitle you to retroactive benefits when your application is approved in the future.

Not Following Doctor's Orders

If you have seen a doctor about your disability, but have not followed their directions or orders, you can be denied SSDI benefits because it looks like you are not doing anything to help yourself get better. The Social Security Administration does allow for certain medical and nonmedical excuses, such as inability to pay for treatment or inability to physically perform treatments, but if you are not going along with your doctor's orders, you need to be sure that your reasons for not doing so are acceptable to the SSA. 

Not Seeking Legal Help Until You're Denied

Even if you are just applying for benefits, enlisting the help of a lawyer who has worked on SSDI cases before can make a big difference. A law firm, such as Cohen & Siegel LLP, can make sure that you send in the right forms and fill them out properly so there is no delay. They can help you know what kind of information you need to gather and send to the government so that your application is approved.

Of course, if you do get a denial, your lawyer can then help you get started on an appeal, as they are already familiar with you and your background.

Getting SSDI benefits can help keep your finances afloat as you live with your disability. Don't make the mistakes above, so that you can be approved for those benefits.

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