Take Action Against Negligence With A Wrongful Death Lawyer

Do you have a loved one who died in the hospital due to the fault of a negligent medical worker? They may have given your family member the wrong dosage of medication that proved to be fatal. When you have a loved one seeking treatment or care in a hospital, you may consider it one of the safest environments, and you probably didn't expect any negligence to happen. Now that you've lost a loved one because of the wrongdoing of someone else, you deserve to have justice served.

Get the Help You Need: Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer

The best way to make sure justice gets served correctly is to hire a wrongful death lawyer such as George T. Bochanis Law Offices. As the family member of a patient, you do have the right to file a lawsuit against the person whose negligence caused the death of that patient. Here's how a wrongful death lawyer will help you with the process:

  • Investigate the incident. The lawyer will start an investigation into the case as soon as you start working together. The investigation may include looking into medical records and documents, requesting paperwork from the hospital, and reviewing autopsy results.
  • Negotiate the case. After gathering information about the incident, your lawyer can attempt to negotiate with the defendants. In this case, the defendants would likely be the medical worker and the hospital. In some situations, hospitals are willing to settle because they know that going to court will cost them even more. If they're willing to settle, this means you'll receive financial recovery from them without having to deal with long court proceedings.
  • File a complaint. If the hospital and the medical worker aren't willing to reach a settlement that you can agree on, your lawyer will have no choice but to file a complaint to get the lawsuit started. The case will likely go to trial with jurors seated in the courtroom to hear both sides before coming to an agreement.
  • Provide documents and prepare depositions. If you're headed to court, your lawyer will prepare all important documents needed to show jurors that it was the negligence of the worker at the hospital that caused your loved one to die. Along with these important medical documents, your lawyer will start preparing questions that he or she will ask the defendants when they're on the stand.

There are certain steps that a lawyer must take to get the best possible outcome for the client. Your lawyer understands what you're going through after losing a loved one unexpectedly and wants to help. Although seeking justice doesn't bring a loved one back, it does ensure that the negligent person gets held responsible for what they've done so that they're unable to do the same thing to someone else in the future.

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