How To Ruin Your Social Security Disability Claim

If you are planning to apply for social security disability, you are probably aware that many people are denied. Do you know why? In one way or another, they ruined their own claim. While having a strong claim won't guarantee that you will be approved, it certainly increases your chances. Continue reading to learn some social security disability claim mistakes to avoid:

Your Medical Record

Many people make the mistake of putting off medical care and end up ruining their medical record for their social security disability claim. You are claiming that this medical condition prevents you from working, so it doesn't make sense that it took you weeks or months to see a doctor. Make an appointment to be evaluated as soon as the problem arises.

Getting an appointment early on in your disability is not enough. You must also follow your doctor's recommendations and treatment plan. If you do not follow doctor's orders and do your best to improve your condition, you can be denied for social security completely.

Furthermore, when you visit your doctor, you need to make sure you are completely honest with them. Tell them exactly what problems you are having and to what extent. Provide details about how your pain affects your ability to function and your daily life. Do not exaggerate, but do your best not to leave anything out. You should also keep your own personal record that discusses your pain.

Your Application for Benefits

Just like you shouldn't wait to see your doctor about your disability, you shouldn't wait to file a claim once you are told that you will be out of work for an extended period of time. Once your doctor has diagnosed you and has decided how long you will be out of work, you should file right away.

Your claim could be denied because it looks like you didn't take it seriously or that you don't need the benefits since you waited to apply. Even if you are approved, the time that you wait to apply is time that you could be receiving benefits to offset the income you are losing by not being able to work.

By not creating a thorough medical record with your doctor, you are hurting the strength of your case and could be ruining it altogether because your case is built on your health problems. Do your best to have a detailed record of your health and disability and be sure to file a claim as soon as you have confirmed you will be out of work. Otherwise, you could face that claim denied letter everyone dreads.

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