A Helmet And Gloves Are A Must For Your Teen Motorcycle Rider

There are two things your young motorcyclist absolutely needs when riding a motorcycle. Those two things are a helmet and gloves. Both of these articles of clothing can protect them from serious injury and -- in the case of a helmet -- even death. 

Motorcycle Helmets Prevent Death and Injury

Because motorcycles offer their riders very little protection, approximately 80 percent of all accidents can result in injury or even death. And most deaths that do occur because of a motorcycle accident are the result of head injuries.

Motorcycle Helmets

That is why a helmet is the number one thing your child should wear while cruising on a motorcycle. So whether or not, it is the law in your state to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, it should be the law in your house. Why? Because, a recent study revealed that in states where all riders are required by law to wear helmets, there is a lower rate of motorcycle accidents involving traumatic brain injuries than in states that just require only bikers between the ages of 18 and 21 to wear them. According to Consumer Health, age-restricted helmet laws appear to be very ineffective, hardly different than having no helmet law at all. Thus, it is important that you stress to the young motorcycle riders in your home the importance of wearing a helmet. 


Motorcycle gloves will protect your child's hands in the event of a motorcycle crash. For the most protection, you should look for gloves that have palm sliders because it is a natural instinct for riders to put their hands down to brace themselves when they are thrown from a bike. Palm sliders will actually absorb much of the impact of the fall by allowing your child's hands to glide along the ground when they fall. 

What to Do in the Event of an Accident

If your child is involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle -- with or without a helmet -- there are a number of steps that you or they should do, including:

  • Leave the helmet on. A motorcycle helmet should only be removed if it is obstructing your child's ability to breathe.
  • Call the police and emergency personnel.
  • Contact a lawyer. It's important to obtain experienced legal representation after an accident. Your child could be facing huge medical bills and could even lose wages now and in the future due to the accident. A lawyer from a firm like Master Weinstein Shatz Moyer, P.C. that is experienced with dealing with motorcycle accident cases will understand what type of information they need to gather to fight on your child's behalf.

Keep your child safe by insisting that they wear both a helmet and gloves while riding their motorcycle. 

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